Just like with general health, sometimes people need an emergency dentist in Houston. Whether a tooth fell out, a filling or cap dislodged, or you’re experiencing a lot of pain from a toothache, we can provide relief by treating the problem and repairing teeth that have become damaged suddenly. With state of the art equipment and sedatives to help relax you, we will have you feeling good as new as quickly as possible!

If you need an emergency dentist, time is a factor in restoring teeth as much as possible. If you have been in an accident where a tooth has fallen out, or you’ve lost a crown or filling, an emergency dental procedure is likely necessary. In the event that you’re having a lot of pain with chewing or are unable to sleep due to toothaches, an emergency procedure may be needed to alleviate the pain quickly.

Some people can go longer than others with a toothache, but if you have had a toothache for longer than a few days, it could be a sign of a serious problem like an infection. Sometimes it is due to tooth decay, where the enamel has worn down too much and the tooth has started breaking down, but other times it is a result of an abscess, which is a pus filled pocket of infected tissue. Our Houston based emergency dental office can alleviate your pain and have you feeling better quickly.

In the event that a tooth is knocked out or breaks, time is a factor in its restoration. As soon as the tooth is knocked out or broken, place it in a small container of milk to preserve the tooth while you come to our facility. If a dental crown or filling comes out, fill or cover its place with a piece of sugarless gum while on the way to us.

After the procedure, the pain you had experienced will be gone, but it is best to avoid chewing or biting with that tooth until it has healed fully and is completely covered.