5 Reasons You Should Choose NABA Dental as your Galleria Area Dentist

NABA Dental Will Make You Smile as Your Galleria Area Dentist

Where would we be without a smile? A smile can open doors, and change outcomes. Your Galleria area dentist, Dr.Rubab Mirza of NABA Dental knows that few things have more influence than a smile.

Each day the NABA Dental team dedicate themselves to helping others smile. This commitment is spelled out boldly on the homepage of our website — We make you smile – but it is more than words, it is a guiding principle in our business.

If that knowledge is not enough to get you started on a smile, here are five more reasons.

1. This Galleria Area Dentist Helps Make Dental Care Affordable

We believe affordable dental care should be available to everyone and we work hard to make that happen at NABA Dental. The condition of your teeth can have a significant impact on your success in the business world. Dr. Mirza and the NABA Dental team want to help you succeed.

We work with our patients to give one of the most comprehensive insurance and payment plan options available. Be sure to check out our extensive list of options available here on our website.

2. Family Dental Care with a Galleria Area Dentist that Cares for Kids and Adults

Dr. Mirza and the NABA Dental team know it is important to give exceptional dental care at every stage of life. We specialize in building strong relationships with children to ensure worry-free a level of trust that they will associate with their visits to the dentist throughout their lives.

For teens, adults and elders, we are there to offer a range of services from preventive care to cosmetic services. We also offer restorative, deep tooth and gum treatments with the comfort of sedation for sensitive patients. And when you have an emergency situation, no need to worry, NABA Dental and Dr. Mirza are always there to help.

3. The latest Technology Helps Make Galleria Area Dentist the #1 Choice

You use advanced technology in every aspect of your life each day, why would you expect anything less from your dentist? Your Galleria area dentist, NABA Dental uses state of the art technology to clean, maintain, repair and reinvigorate teeth.

Our goal is to provide you with the same high-tech welcoming environment at the dental office that you have come to expect in your office and home. “As dentists, it is our responsibility to keep pace with technology to remain productive, efficient, and competitive,” says Dr. Mirza.

4. NABA Dental Team Brings Kudos to Galleria Area Dentist

When it comes to people and their commitment to helping others, they don’t get much better than the staff at NABA Dental. From our caring dental hygienists to our friendly support staff, everyone is there to welcome and support you.

Dr. Mirza is an advocate of conservative dentistry, protecting the teeth and mouth, and restoring teeth appearance and function. Read more about Dr. Mirza here.

5. NABA Dental Enjoys Convenience as a Galleria Area Dentist

So, if there could be one more thing to smile about, it would have to be the convenience of NABA Dental. NABA Dental is easy access from five major freeways in Houston. Booking an appointment at your Galleria area dentist is easy, too, with this online appointment tool.

Did you know that NABA in the Hindi language of Urdu means “good news?” When it comes to Galleria area dentists, NABA Dental really is good news.