Your first visit with us will be a simple oral examination that includes discussing oral health, be it history or current needs. We want you to be comfortable, so we don’t do any of the hard stuff the first time we meet.


The first visit for any appointment can be stressful, but we want you to be as comfortable as possible. We don’t like to rush into any treatments or operations, so there’s no need to worry. During the first visit, we get to know you, learn about your oral health habits, and discuss any possible treatments that may be necessary. We will also perform an oral examination to check your teeth and gums, and depending on their condition, we may perform a cleaning as well.


On your first visit, there are a few key things you should bring with you in preparation for the appointment. These items will help speed the process for gathering information, such as oral health and medical history, and it will make your visit much quicker.

  • Dental X-Rays from past 6 months
  • Medical History Documentation (medical conditions, operations, family medical history, etc)
  • Medication Lists (antibiotics, prescriptions, OTC medications, vitamins, supplements)
  • Dental History Documentation
  • Dental Insurance
  • Dental Prostheses (night guard, dentures, partial dentures)

By bringing these items with you, we can get a more accurate picture of how your oral health is, including how it is affected by family medical history and medications you may take. We want to ensure we provide you with expert care, and the more we know, the better we can take care of you.


Our pre-appointment forms can give you a good idea of the information we made need to determine your exact needs. We ask for your contact information, a guardian’s contact information (if the forms are for a child), emergency contact information, insurance coverage, and we also list your rights and privileges as a patient. Additionally, the form will have a checklist for medical and oral health history. You can download these forms here: