Dental Implants in Houston, Tx

Dental implants are used to fill the spaces of missing teeth. With tooth loss, a person may suffer with eating or speaking difficulties and experience other oral health issues. When there are gaps in the mouth, implants become permanent tooth replacements that restore a person’s natural and healthy smile. This helps to avoid problems with the adjacent teeth. Implants are a popular alternative to dental bridges, but many people are interested to learn about the cost of dental implant procedures in Houston.

Expected Dental Implant Cost: Houston Services

In Houston, most patients inquire about the expense of implants. Depending on the work that is required, the price will vary. An implant is placed into a person’s jaw, and an abutment and crown covers it. A natural look results.

Bridge vs. Implants

For many individuals, the decision between a bridge or implant comes down to cost. Although an implant may be a bit more expensive, it is quite strong and lasts much longer than a bridge. In certain cases, it may be necessary to perform bone grafting in the gum so that there is a stable place for the implant. With a bridge, the surrounding teeth will have to be prepared, which will cause a certain amount of damage to them. An implant does not negatively affect any other teeth in the mouth. Another implant advantage is that bone loss is prevented.

Best Dental Implants in Houston

When you are considering implants, it is essential to deal with experienced dentists who make care accessible. At Naba Dental, we offer some of the most affordable tooth implant pricing in Houston. We want all of our patients to enjoy beautiful and healthy smiles and to receive all treatments in a comfortable place. For more information about the price of an implant procedure, please call our office at (346) 571-7254.